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Company Overview




Clo-Cor Security Solutions is a registered Zambian Company based in Choma. We are modern progressive company dedicated to deliver flexible, tailor made solutions.


Clo-Cor Security Solutions LTD was established in 2015. Due to the changing environment and the growing needs of our Clients; it became necessary to broaden the services that could be provided by Clo-Cor, so as to offer multi-disciplinary services under one banner.




Our vision is to grow our team in order to offer a broad spectrum of services and to become our Clients' preferred Professional Service Provider of choice through excellence and efficiency in all aspects of our dealings.


To also ensure that we maintain harmony and ignite the passion for our staff to want to better themselves through training provided, therefore also becoming our staff’s preferred place of Employment.


Mission Statement


To offer excellent service in each of our professional disciplines and to ensure that at all times our client’s needs are met. Through maintaining the highest level of workmanship and ethics in our dealings we ensure future business.


CLO-COR Group Services


Being a multi-disciplinary company within the security industry, CLO-COR offers a wide range of services. Our staff are trained and skilled before being deployed to sites. We place an extremely high enfaces on honesty and integrity within our company and reward performance.


Our service includes, regular site visits by senior member, conducting inspections on properties, compiling reports and briefs and a link to the local police within the operational area. Listed are the various divisions and services available:


Guarding Division

    ▪ Static Guards ~ Protect Property and possessions.

    ▪ Access control ~ Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Special Events applications

    ▪ Vehicle & Foot Patrols ~ Residential, Commercial and Agricultural  applications

    ▪ Convoy ~ Cash-in transit and valuable cargo application.

    ▪ Armed Response to client in need and to house and panic Buttons


Investigation Division

    ▪ Investigations pertaining to any matter as prescribed by our clients.


➢ Vehicle Tracking & Recovery Division

     ▪ Professional vehicle tracking and fleet management

     ▪ Vehicle recover and anti-hijack unit


➢ Surveillance Division

      ▪ CCTV ~ Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Special Events application



     ▪ To ensure a well-rounded staff member trained to the highest international standard.




CLO-COR sees teamwork on every site and project as the key ingredient to success and are responsible for creating this environment. The overall Manager is duty-bound in ensuring effective communication to all stakeholders and at all levels.


Teams are built by combining the strengths of the individual members and refining skills to meet and exceed the Client’s expectations. We combine technology with highly trained staff to optimize our operations and ensure that as a company we keep in touch with the latest security solutions that become available globally.


We also believe in a hands-on approach on all our projects. This is why a Senior Staff member of the company will always be in control of the key functions on a site /project. CLO-COR is equipped with the latest technology and has the necessary staff and resources to ensure the best professional service is provided at all times.




CLO-COR has a combined professional experience of some 35 years among its Principals and Members. Listed below are the projects that the Company has undertaken:


Choma Town

Choma Farming Community

Kolomo Farming Community

Mazabuka Farming Community

Nation wide vehicle tracking 




Clo-Cor is a capable and dedicated multi-disciplinary company with the correct solution-based approach in meeting and exceeding our Client’s expectations.


Our experienced and focused team are well placed and equipped and contain the correct experience and qualifications to carry out their functions with diligence and skill. It is our vision that Clo-Cor may be of service to all prospective Clients in the Private,

Professional and Public sector.


Please direct all enquiries and/or requests for additional information toClo-Cor on the details provided above and let us provide you with excellent service, proving our motto of “Solutions you can trust. . . “




Resources Choma P Cloete ~ Cell # 096 859 3232

N Cloete – Cell # 096 454 9680

~ email clocorafrica@gmail.com


Contact us CLO-COR can be contacted as follows:

Choma Physical Address Office 1 Livingston Road



Director & Founder - P.J Cloete

Farm Protection Unit